Nouthetic Counseling Training

Morning Star Counseling Center offers convenient Online Internet based training which fulfils all the Track One requirements leading to NANC certification as a Biblical Counselor. Study at your own pace, no travel requirements, no time conflicting scheduling problems. Download lectures to your MP3 player for more mobility. Syllabus and books sent to you by FedEx. Certificate of Completion awarded upon completion of each of 5 classes. Call: Tom Dymond, Executive Director at 1-269-327-9543 or E-mail at:

Sanctified by Truth

All Classes - Available by Internet
Location: At your desk and by MP3 down load for lectures.

Standing On Truth

How are you doing in the race of life? Are you headed for the finish line? Are you being diligent to stand on God’s Word in a “Faithless and Perverse generation?”   (Matthew  17:17) 

Getting in Training 

As you can see by the picture, little T.J. is getting with the program, feet not even touching  the ground in full stride, pretty good form when you are just 6 yrs. old.  Not much is expected of him yet because he is just learning the game and the rules. 

So it is with us, we have to get into action, get moving.  We can spend our time in “Pizza Party fellowship” and other assorted “eating fun” fellowship meetings or we can get into the “Word” which God says alone can Sanctify.   

The word “Sanctify” comes from a root word which means to “set apart,” in this case, for the Master’s use.  While we will never be completely “Holy,” another word meaning the same thing, this side of heaven, we are to pursue holiness all along the way.  (Rom 6:19, 6:22) 

Morning Star Counseling Center is listed on the NANC web site as one of the “Training Centers in Nouthetic Counseling,” meeting the same requirements as the Masters College and Seminary, founded by Dr. John MacArthur, Jr., Pastor of Grace Community Church, Sun Valley California.  We offer the following training courses for those interested in brushing up their ministry skills in helping people biblically. 

“Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.”        

                   (1 Corinthians 9:24) 

Introduction To Biblical Counseling

Class Descriptions
Biblical Counseling Training 1, 2, 3, 4.
Each course contains, 12 weeks of two hour lectures
+ homework assignments.

Topics Class #1

You can change biblically 1 & 2, Manís Way and
Godís way 1 & 2, Biblical Dynamics of Change
Biblical Basis For Change
Biblical Structure For Change
Biblical Practice Achieves Lasting Change
Dealing With Self 1 & 2
Anger & Bitterness
Interpersonal Problems (Part 1)

Topics Class #2

Interpersonal Problems (Part 2)
The Marriage Relationship ( Part 1 & 2)
Parent-Child Relationships (Part 1 & 2)
Depression, Fear & Worry
Life-Dominating Sins (Part 1 & 2)

Cost $300.00 (each class)
Pay by installments of $100.00 (1/3) by credit card

Books Included for Classes 1 and 2
Ĺ price/spouse with syllabus $150.00

Morning Star Counseling Center
P.O. Box 1475
Portage, MI 49081
Phone: (269) 327-9543
FAX: (269) 327-4827



Training Services Available 

Four discipleship / counseling courses are available: For Elders, Deacons, Care Givers / Disciplers in the local church.  People who take these classes will be equipped to understand counseling / discipleship issues from a biblical perspective.   

The first two classes, #1 & #2, are taught from the Self-Confrontation Manual published by the Biblical Counseling Foundation. 

The last two classes, #3 & #4, are advanced counseling / discipleship theory.  For care givers, Elders, Deacons & Christian / Disciplers in the local church.  These classes are available to people who would like to move toward formal counseling / discipleship in their own church.  

Curriculum, obtained, by permission, from Faith Counseling Ministries, Lafayette, Indiana, NANC Certified Training Center. Textbooks from Dr. Jay Adams, founder of NANC and other selected authors. 

Victory Over Addictions 

This last module will finish the training toward full NANC Certification.  The course last 6 weeks Cost  $120.00  workbook included.

Advanced Biblical Counseling

Topics Class #3

Key Elements in the Counseling Process
The Need for Biblical Counseling
Comparison of Counseling Philosophies
Survey of Counseling Methods
Use of the Medical Model for Mental Illness
Implication of Biblical Counseling
Similarity of Methods
The Goal of Biblical Counseling
Qualifications of a Biblical Counselor
The Doctrine of Spiritual Growth
The Four Rules of Communication
The Conference Table
God’s Basic Truths Concerning Marriage
Biblical Principles of Sex
The Husband’s Role
The Wife s Role
Organized Data
Biblical Parenting

Topics Class #4

Biblical Parenting (continued)
Teaching the child (admonition)
Nurturing the child
The Self-Love, Self-Worship Cult
Guilt, Depression, Worry, Fear, Anger
Medical Aspects of Counseling
Children of Divorce
The Church Where Biblical Counseling Works
Using The Forms, Organizing Data
Homework Review
Case Study Practice

Cost $300.00 (each class)
Pay by installments of $100.00 (1/3) by credit card.
Books $121.94 (used in 3 & 4)
½ price/spouse with syllabus $150.00

Instructor: Thomas A. Dymond

NANC Certified